Part No: BBF

Description: Bunsen Burner featuring tripod, gauze and Round glass flask. It is fitted with an 18 inch Grain of Wheat bulb (60 Milliamps and can be fitted to a flicker/shimmer unit to give a realistic appearance.(Not included in price).

Dimensions: Overall high 60 mm wide 25 mm

Price: £30.00

Pricing available on request.

Chemistry Equipment
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Part No: 1658

Description: Tri-pod,Round Flask, Kipps apparatus & Bunsen Burner

Price: £21

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Part No: SE35

Description: A condensing jar and stand

Price: £6.95

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Description: Large Glass Flask used for Bubbling affect

Price £5.00

Description: Metal pipe to be used with large glass flask

Price £6.00

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Description: Silicon Tubing 600mm

Price £1.50

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Part No: BRPB

Description: Blue poison bottles

Dimensions: 12 mm - 25 mm high

Price: £2.95 Small        Price: £3.95 Medium    Price: £4.95 Large

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Part No: 1864

Description: Tripod, Condensing  Flask, Bunsen Burner and Stand

Price: £18.00

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Part No: SE34

Description: An arc lamp

Price: £18.00

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Part No: SE36

Description: A beaker with two stirring rods

Price: £1.50

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Part No: HMWT

Description: Hand made wooden table Small (distressed)  132mm Long * 90mm Wide * 64mm

Price £15:00

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Part No: HMWTL

Description: Hand made wooden table Large (distressed) 202mm long * 88mm Wide * 62mm

Price £25.00

Part No: 1837

Description: Metal Laboratory Stand  Available in 3 sizes

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Large: £25

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Medium: £18

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Small: £10


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